Integral House: A Farewell

It’s shocking to think that this Tuesday will likely be the last time we’ll ever see Jim Stewart’s celebrated Integral House before it is sold. The award-winning architectural wonder, commissioned by Jim as a home where he could host artists, concerts and fantastic events, was recognized internationally as being a magnificent centre of cultural convergence. We are honoured to be holding Esprit Orchestra’s annual fundraising Benefête at Integral House this Tuesday evening, May 19. We’d love to see you there.

To more fully comprehend the wondrous qualities of this unique space, you can view a short, amazing video by clicking here.

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The late Jim Stewart, an enthusiastic supporter of Esprit, was a very important and well-loved arts philanthropist and mathematician who presented so many extraordinary performers at this fantastic home. In November of last year, he hosted his Final Salon at Integral House to celebrate his life and his passion for music. Alex and I felt so privileged to have been invited. It was a very touching night, complete with an eclectic group of musicians that he so carefully selected for this last evening of performances in his home. It was all deeply moving, as it was hosted just weeks prior to his death. He was welcoming, warm, generous, funny, courageous, philosophical.

As the home is now on the market for $28 million dollars, we are not sure if the space will continue to be a home for the arts. It will be a bittersweet evening for Alex and I. Jim’s incredible spirit lives on in every curve of this dazzling home, but this may be the last opportunity for us to visit it and reflect on all that Jim meant to the arts community.

– Alexina Louie